So What is A Gang Show?

It is said that somewhere, everyday of every year, a Gang Show is being performed. Sometimes this is in a Scout centre, a village hall or a local theatre, here in High Wycombe we use the superb facilities of the Lancaster Arts Centre at Wycombe Abbey Girls School.

Gang Shows have a rich history, from their London show beginnings in 1932 under the direction of Ralph Reader to shows of today which combine new and original material, popular music and dance with old Gang Show traditions.

Our show here in High Wycombe is officially recognised by the Scout Association to be of such a high standard that is meets all of the criteria for both on-stage performance and back stage management.

Our Gang consists of 100+ local members of the Scout and Guide Associations who produce, manage and perform the entire show. If you have never been to one of our shows before let us amaze you with the enthusiasm and talent of our local cast.

Join us at the 32nd High Wycombe Gang Show from the 28th - 31st March 2018.

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